household plastic trash film! x2yrs x2 people

2 friends collected and washed their household plastic rubbish for 2 years! Joining in my PLASTIC SEA project. Looking at all the crazy amount of plastic packaging we buy and throw away in our homes and in the sea; what the supermarkets fill our homes with. Do we have a choice? We emptied the sacks on the fire-station tarmac one very hot afternoon in Argyll, Scotland, 2014. Namaste, Simon, Olivia, Rosie and me sorted for 3 hours… clearing it up just before the bus swung in. Filmed by my bro Shannon Tofts trying out his new camera (which sadly cropped all the green water bottles and black meat plastic trays off! oops, it happens) Namaste was so horrified to see so many black plastic meat trays laid out before her that she stopped buying meat from supermarkets. She now only buys her meat and fish in paper… Funny what you see. Thank you so much best game friends Namaste and Simon!

IMG_6723.JPG _1070947.JPG _1070990.JPG _1070976.JPG _1070995.JPG _1080009.JPG _1080010.JPG IMG_6729.JPG

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