MAKE A SPLASH! inside an artist’s head : film doc for kids+primary schools

MAKE A SPLASH! inside an artist’s head : film doc for kids+primary schools

MUSIC + ART EXCHANGE : SEQUOIA commissioned film-maker/dancer Monika Smekot to make a short film documentary about AN ARTIST… working with plastic sea trash. For resource material called MAKE A SPLASH! Part of a series of short films to inspire kids and primary schools along The Clyde, Glasgow. Glasgow based string duo’s WATER MUSIC: source to sea project, funded by Creative Scotland Lottery. Alice Rickards, Violin, + Sonja Cromarty, Cello, asked me to respond to their Water Music recordings. They suggested J.S.Bach INVENTION 4 + J.S.Bach INTERVENTION 13. I animated and edited 2 short films to real music; a new experience!

CREATIVE EXCHANGE: Monika squeezed in to my Studio shed, West Coast Scotland to decode how I work; not easy as I create in many materials and mediums. Unlike my plastics, I definitely don’t fit in a box!‘i love colour’ became the obvious path…

We included Zzebbraa, my children’s character because he’s colourful too. His first book in Dutch: Zzebbraa goes SPLASH! A book about Water.

Monika decided to use the ‘puzzle piece that’s me’ from a driftwood collage artwork called ‘Living my dream by the sea’

I photographed my plastic artworks on clean white for my Art Doc book PLASTIC SEA; to take the scruffy stuff out of context and elevate it, to see the ordinary as extraordinary. Funny seeing Monika filming my Plastic Creatures outside in nature… fun to see another point of view.

SPLASH! sarong design of bottle tops collected on this Bottle Top Beach! To get your attention: TO SAY NO TO PLASTIC SEA