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We will donate 5% to the marine pollution organisation of your choice:

Plastic Soup
The Plastic Soup Foundation (PSF) wants to put an end to the increasing pollution of the seas and oceans with plastics. We want to prevent even more plastics entering the sea in the future. The PSF constantly draws attention to the plastic soup through campaigns, news articles and social media.

“The Plastic Soup Foundation is incredably proud of our creative friend and partner Hannah Tofts with her beach clean sarong initiative. Her Kickstarter project was an enormous success and we can’t wait until the ‘Let’s Go To The Beach’ sarongs are coloring beaches all over the world!”

Marine Conservation Society
The UK coastline is under attack! Litter of all kinds on our beaches, an abundance of plastic in our seas and poor quality water to swim in are all impacting on our marine wildlife and on us. Through our work on tackling the problems of ocean litter and specifically through our pioneering Beachwatch programme of beach cleans and litter monitoring, coupled with our lobbying and ground breaking campaign work, we are striving to ensure we have cleaner seas and beaches for all in the future.

“We are delighted that Lets go to the Beach have decided to raise funds on our behalf by designing and selling these sarongs in such a unique, creative and innovative manner. MCS is also happy to support Lets go to the Beach in raising awareness of this major issue and in their quest to drive home the message “SAY NO TO A PLASTIC SEA” to everyone whether they live inland or on the coast. At MCS we rely solely on the support of organisations and individuals to raise funds and volunteer their time therefore we wish Lets go to the Beach the very best of luck in this very inventive enterprise.”

The North Sea Foundation / Stichting de
Advocating the protection and sustainable use of the North Sea marine ecosystem. The goal is a clean, healthy sea and a well-functioning ecosystem. Its activities are focused on clean seas and beaches, clean shipping, sustainable fisheries, eco-friendly sustainable energy and marine protected areas.

Since 2013, the North Sea Foundation organises the yearly Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour. With help of volunteers, the entire Dutch coast is cleaned up. In the last 4 years, more than 50 tonnes of waste have been removed from Dutch beaches with the help of 6,377 volunteers, working for a clean North Sea.

Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd Australia is a non-profit conservation organisation whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. Sea Shepherd Australia uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced oceanic ecosystems, Sea Shepherd Australia works to ensure their survival for future generations.

“We are so excited to receive support from this amazing initiative so we can continue to save marine wildlife and protect our oceans. We know big changes always start little, we look forward to seeing many of the ‘Lets Go To The Beach’ sarongs worldwide and especially here on the Australian beaches.”

Surfers Against
Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is a marine conservation & campaigning charity inspiring, uniting & empowering communities to protect oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife. Originally set up as a non-profit organisation in 1990 they were awarded charity status in February 2012 and they now focus on working with local communities to care for the beautiful coastline throughout the UK for everyone to enjoy.

Plastic Pollution
Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of organizations, businesses, and leaders working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals, our oceans, waterways, and the environment. PPC was created as a platform for non-governmental institutions to share their research and best practices around single-use plastic, fostering connection and collaboration between these groups. At the forefront of an international movement to define and publicly identify the overwhelming waste problem facing modern society, particularly our oceans and landfills, for what it predominantly is: plastic pollution.


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