The sarongs are just the beginning

To get your attention about plastic ocean trash, to spread the message of our global issue. We want to attract investors, sponsors, relevant partners, to help implement and expand our imagery across other areas efficiently. I’m not a fashion company, nor a sportswear brand, not a charity, not a bank nor a corporate. I’m a Citizen. Bring in The Specialists.

We started on the beach

Let’s go to the beach is a vehicle to spread the message to the layman. The holiday makers who may never have thought about plastic ocean trash and dirty beaches before.

A creative vehicle

To harness kids and families to pioneer a future without plastic trash. To sow a seed of zero tolerance. To captivate student youth to take it further. It’s their world we’re messing up.

Your sarong is unique!

Wow, it’s brilliant that you want to join in to shout about it.

Your 5% donation? 

We will donate 5% per sarong sale to the marine pollution organisation of your choice. Currently we have 6 organisations worldwide from Australia, UK, The Netherlands and USA as our recipients for you to choose to donate to wherever you live in the world. You will be able to nominate other marine pollution organisations to join in as our recipients.

You made this happen!

With a big enough print run we can now produce a sarong for an affordable price for everyone. The more we print the more we can sell to spread the message SAY NO TO A PLASTIC SEA.

I believe it’s worth trying. 

I can see plastic ocean trash doesn’t matter to lots of people in towns and cities, even those who live by the sea. It’s easy to ignore if you don’t see it. Just because it’s not on your doorstep, and you think it doesn’t affect you, it’s got to be worth trying to do something for our planet, for us all?