the bigger picture

Let’s go to the beach is a tiny team of big thinking Creatives.
Artist/Designer Hannah is a passionate creative/accidental eco participator able to motivate and inspire with fun accessible imagery and ideas.
I am not a charity. My language is in innovation, presentation of information, promotion, events, total visual impact.

People ask me why?
Photographs of dead sea creatures and plastic choked waters no longer shock. These daily news pix have become too normal and easy to ignore.

I was approaching marine pollution organisations 10 years ago with creative proposals to help promote awareness of plastic ocean trash to involve the layman. I discovered these organisations deal in science, statistics and politics rather than visual communication, focussed with fundraising with few resources for engaging information. I’m a convert to the issue but still found it hard to access pollution information and stay interested, let alone be inspired to shout about it and join in.

It was during a local beach clean when I overheard a child’s bewilderment of the grown-up climate issues they feel they have to solve. I reacted! Developing playful imagery to inspire kids and families, beach clean events to capture your imagination and a creative education legacy, for sponsorship and organisations to implement nationwide. However.

So we decided to create a ‘simple’ product to raise funds and awareness. A colourful, fresh and accessible approach to attract publicity about plastic in our waters. To make it hard for you to ignore. The beach after all is about fun, happy living. We created a more proactive name and concept Let’s go to the beach. Designing a series of Beachclean Sarongs for the organisations to sell and promote on their websites for each organisation to receive funds and more exposure in the process. To link with sponsors to promote and galvanise beach clean events. To harness their existing membership and attract more members; everyone understands a product to buy.

Why a sarong?
The bigger picture is more than Let’s go to the beach with a sarong… which I know isn’t the norm attire in Scotland where I live by the sea, but we all go on summer holidays, and it’s always sunny somewhere in the world. We have a fun and creative collection of ideas to keep getting noticed on and off the beach. But using our own resources we had to begin ‘small’. 2 years ago our Beachclean Sarong seemed the easiest product to achieve.

It’s funny to see the images of plastic rubbish, on 100% cotton, back on the beach where it washed up. It’s beautiful for something terrible, that makes you stop and look? We need publicity. To attract investors and relevant partners to fly a bigger flag and bigger message across more mediums. The sarong is our first step. (Recently successfully backed by you! through our Kickstarter Crowd Fund Campaign).

And what’s the next step?
To fund where we tried to start. To sow a seed; a zero tolerance legacy for plastic in our waters. With fun creative education material for schools and communities to motivate and inspire. Imagine creatively mapping our coastline. From sea to city we want to Say no to a plastic sea, inspire people to look and question.

The UK has an epic coastline of 12,429 km, 3rd in Europe. Small in The World. We want to connect and inspire schools, families and communities creatively online across the continents about plastic pollution, re-thinking plastic packaging, decoding those triangle symbols, designing a zero symbol for No Plastic, questioning that recycle symbol, understanding recycling plants, household waste etc… Making it contemporary, fun, quirky and cool. We have a lot of creative possibilities to make a big noise. Connect with us, use us, link us to others.