COP26 GLASGOW to get your attention

‘What’s in your sea?’ To champion and connect with COP26 on my new doorstep, Queens Park, Glasgow Southside. TO SAY NO TO PLASTIC SEA!  Easy to ignore what’s NOT on your doorstep. How can you know what’s being polluted + strangled in our west coast Scottish seas, if you live in a city? Small scale (proposing BIG for Ocean Sea Pollution sponsors, if not the UN, why not Unilever?) WHY NOT ZERO PLASTIC? To inspire to be aware. Thank you to the printers. Top photographs by Shannon Tofts Edinburgh. Designed with Webwork Amsterdam . #pickitup

‘The Last Corals in Barrier Reef’
‘Swimming in plastic Rainbow colours’
‘Orange OilDory and OutboardMullet’

‘Are you a Trash Hero?’
‘Whitewash Gull’
‘Wet West Coast Beach Cleans’
‘Highland Spring Grasshopper meets Red SauceBug’

‘#2minute beach clean Dalmeny Beach Edinburgh’
‘Red BleachFish caught in the dredging nets West Coast Scotland’
‘Black Bottlefish the last fish caught in Loch Craignish, Argyll’
‘Help! in The Unilever Sea’



Why not ZERO plastic in our recycling triangles?
BUY: non recyclable banners will be cut + sewn in to water bailer buckets for our rising sea levels.


I use #reuseablecabelties

‘Help! in The Unilever Sea’ appears in PLASTIC FISH made by me+kids, for kids. Inspire to be aware creative fun. To buy.

My BeachClean designs for Sarongs to buy: wear it, tie it wave it TO SAY NO TO PLASTIC SEA! We did at the COP26 March!