Plastic Bottles Deposit scheme, Holland

The Dutch debate in De Rodehood, Amsterdam to abolish ‘statiegeld’ (money deposit) on plastic bottles, 2014. A brilliant system they almost trashed. Supermarkets have a ‘hole in the wall’, a machine to accept your empty plastic bottles, glass beer bottles and plastic beer crates and give you money back, 25 cents per litre bottle! Standard shapes/forms/weights of plastic bottles means you can do this allover The Netherlands. Fun for kids raising money, useful for street dwellers, saving money on cleaning the streets, can reduce litter 70%-90%, saving the canals being filled up with plastic. Why can’t we do this in UK?

I designed series of graphic panels for the interior from my vast series of photographs from supermarket shelves round the world. Using no brands, pure abstract shape and colour. Commissioned by Plastic Soup Foundation who were then defending the deposit scheme.