Namaste’s Plastics! x2 collect x2yrs

x2 people collect their plastic household waste for x2 years! SAY NO TO SINGLE USE PLASTICS.  Namaste was so shocked by the amount of black plastic meat + fish packaging (which doesn’t recycle) she only buys from butchers + fishmongers, who use paper, and buys milk in glass bottles from the Wee Diary on Gigha. what do you throw away? Filmed by Photographer Shannon Tofts. Collected by x2 great friends: Namaste (now Headteacher Kilmartin Primary School) and Simon Bevan Fire-station Chief. Helped by Olivia and Rosie Tofts…2004 ! Helping me, Hannah with my PLASTIC SEA creative beach clean project to shout about it. Ardfern, Argyll, West Coast Scotland.