collecting plastic marine litter: australia


A month collecting plastic marine litter washed up on west and east Australian coasts. I thought the beaches were clean… but then discovered hidden flecks of tiny colour bits worn down by surf and white and gold sands, easy to swallow by any sea creature. In sunshine and blue skies; totally different to the big scruffy plastic rubbish washed up in stormy west coast Scotland. I brought back 7 kilos.

IMG_9938.jpg IMG_9948.jpg IMG_0309.jpg IMG_9953.jpg IMG_1800.jpg IMG_9962.JPG IMG_0311.JPG IMG_0242.JPG IMG_0403.jpg IMG_1323.JPG IMG_1449.jpg IMG_1337.jpgIMG_1557


warmer sands and much smaller rubbish than we find in Scotland…(white sand finds Tiree)